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About the WP 100

Listed here are the top 100 WordPress sites in World.

Ranking is based on the Alexa top 1 million sites. Backed by solid data and some regex.

Analysing the most popular WordPress sites is a great way to understand where WordPress is heading and exactly how capable it is as a full content management system.

Warning: we are not responsible for content of these sites. It is the Internet. Be careful.


Global Presence

While the hosting shows 77% of the WordPress 100 are hosted in the US, there is a large number of international news sites and blogs using WordPress as the core application.

Powered by Microsoft

Two sites are running on the Microsoft IIS web server. This is surprising in itself however I nearly choked on my coffee when I saw one of the sites was Microsoft Visual Studio. Check it out at visualstudio.com. Nice!



Another high profile corporate technology site running on WordPress is VMware.com. This is far from your typical news or blog format site that WordPress is typically associated with.


Interesting to see alexa.com in the list. Of course the data source for the top 1 million sites comes from Alexa. It is surprising that the alexa site itself ranks so high in global internet traffic. Some funny numbers perhaps.

More Information

Dig deeper into the stats of the WordPress 100 and check out the full list of sites. There is also an overview of the methodology used.

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